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[02.06.2015]  Inventions lead to the Victory 

On May 29, 2015, the Scientific-Practical Conference “Invention for the Victory: Exchange of Experience on Modernization and Recovery of Military Equipment and Weapons under the Conditions of Anti-Terrorist Operation” took place at the Central Scientific and Research Institute of Weapons and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (CNDI OVT ZS Ukrainy).

The main topic of the event was application of the latest achievements on innovative and inventive activities as well as of results of specialized scientific researches for increasing efficiency of the use of weapons, military equipment, medical aid equipment and military supplies under conditions of battle actions.

During his welcome speech the Deputy Head of CNDI OVT ZS Ukrainy on Scientific Work colonel Vladyslav Sotnyk marked utter importance of inventions use and application of innovative achievements during war time. Only inventions ensure maximal protection of armored vehicles and manpower, permit the fastest repair, provide the state with additional resources on time and money economy.

Vladyslav Sotnyk

Volodymyr Komarov

The Head of organizational committee of the conference, the Head of scientific-research department of patent, licensing, inventive and innovative activities of Armed Forces of Ukraine, honored inventor of Ukraine Volodymyr Komarov noted that it is extremely important nowadays to exchange experience in this sphere. That is why about 170 applications for the participation in the event were received by organizers. It is planned to publish collected volume with all filed materials that will be used in the zone of anti-terrorist operation.

Petro Ivanenko

 Yuriy Gusak

The Deputy Director of Ukrpatent on Scientific Work Petro Ivanenko underlined that one of the most important issues for inventors today is introduction of inventions and involvement of investors as according to the statistics the average lifetime of 20-years patent in Ukraine amounts to only 5-7 years and a great number of developments are not used.

At the same time, the Head of Military-Scientific Division of Central Command of Armed Forces of Ukraine colonel Yuriy Gusak noted that existing needs in efficient solutions during battle actions ensure fast realization of inventions and new developments. Thus, tools for neutralization of enemy snipers were introduced within 1,5 months, evolutions of unmanned aerial vehicles - within 9 months, modern system for resolving problems with communication during active battle actions was also introduced very fast.

The festive decoration of the best inventors and innovators, whose developments are widely used at Armed Forces of Ukraine and were inspected under severe battle conditions, also took place within the event. Mr. Petro Ivanenko handed out honorable cups and diplomas to the Ukrainian innovators as a sign of recognition of their achievements.



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