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[04.04.2016]  Steering Committee Meeting on Twinning Project implementation 

On 31st of March 2016 the 8th Steering Committee Meeting on the implementation of the European Union (EU) Technical Assistance Twinning Project «Strengthening of the legal protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Ukraine» (Twinning Project) took place at the premises of the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine (SIPSU).

31.03.2016        TwinningSIPSU Acting Chairperson Mrs. ntonina Malysh commenced the meeting by expressing her gratitude to all MS STEs and judges from EU and Ukraine for the assistance and support provided for the implementation of the mentioned above project.

She stressed that despite of a difficult situation in our country, the implementation of the Twinning Project is continuing without significant delays owing to an active and efficient cooperation of SIPSU experts and all Project’s partners as well as to a high professionalism of MS STEs.

«I am pleased to note that on 6th of April it is going to be two years of our fruitful cooperation. We managed to achieve a lot during this period and have positive achievements. But Ukrainian choice of the European vector requires solution or revision of another set of issues. I have no doubts regarding extreme importance of the Twinning Project for further effective development and improvement of Ukrainian intellectual property (IP) legal protection system. I hope that with your help we will succeed», – stated Acting SIPSU Chairperson Mrs. Antonina Malysh in her opening speech.

In her turn, Twinning Project MS PL Mrs. Cristina Fernandez noted the high level of SIPSU staff expertize and mentioned certain legislative developments in IP field.

«On behalf of the European side I can say that now we are partially satisfied by the lawmaking process in Ukraine. Recently, the work in this direction has been a little bit intensified. However, we hold our main anticipations for the next quarter», – Mrs. Cristina Fernandez stressed.

Resident Twinning Advisor Mr. Pablo Rodenas focused on a brief review of the work done within last three months.

«Together with our Ukrainian colleagues we discussed in details prospects and possible outcomes of signing the Marrakesh agreement to facilitate access to published works for persons who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise print disabled and the Beijing Agreement on audiovisual performances. We continued the analysis of Ukrainian IP legislation and together with SIPSU experts worked on the developments of necessary draft laws. In addition, our MS STEs conducted several trainings for customs officials and judges. After trainings I heard only positive feedback from the participants, so I hope that our experience will be useful for their future work», – Mr. Pablo Rodenas concluded.

Mr. Oleksii Hashchytskyi, chief of branch, IP protection and export control, State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFSU), also thanked to European representatives for successful implementation of the Twinning Project.

«Now we have rather difficult period, in particular the reform of customs authorities, continuous alignment of Ukrainian legislation to EU one; that is why European experience is especially valuable for us now. The conducted trainings provided useful and interesting practical examples and theoretical part. Besides, almost 100 of our experts participated in the Project activities during the last half of a year, which is quite high indicator», – Mr. Oleksii Hashchytsyi shared his impressions about the Project.

During the meeting a corresponding quarterly report was approved and the date of the Project’s Closing Ceremony was determined as 5th of July 2016.

Finally, Mrs. Antonina Malysh assured that SIPSU will thoroughly support further implementation of the Twinning Project and assist MS STEs coming to Ukraine.





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