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Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine

of providing paid services
by the State Enterprise
“Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute”

1. The Procedure of providing paid services by the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute” (further - the Procedure) is issued with the aim to ensure services connected with acquisition, exercising and enforcement of industrial property rights to natural and legal persons (further – customers).

2. The Procedure defines the kinds of services provided by the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute” (further – Ukrpatent), the amounts to be paid, the maximum terms of providing services as well as conditions and terms of refunding the costs paid for a service.

The description of services, the amounts to be paid and the maximum terms of service provision are stated in the List of paid services of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute” (further – the List) attached.

The amounts of payment for Ukrpatent’s services do not include the costs of services of credit agencies connected with payments for Ukrpatent’s services.

3. A service is provided if Ukrpatent receives a written request for a service drafted in free form and a document confirming the service has been paid for and indicating the service number according to the List.

A request for a service can be refused on objective grounds, which is communicated to the customer by Ukrpatent, with the indication of the ground for refusal. The communication is sent to the customer in a five-day term from the date of receipt of the request by Ukrpatent.

4.Services are paid for to non-budget account with the following details:

account: 26008268812;
recipient: State Enterprise "Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute";
code: 31032378;
recipient's bank: JSB «UKRGASBANK»;
bank code: 320478.

The document confirming payment for a service is an accounting document on paper carrier (payment order, cash voucher, receipt etc.)

Customer can pay for several services by preparing one accounting document.

5. The term of providing a service as defined in the List, as well as the person responsible for its provision are set by Ukrpatent.
The term of providing a service can be extended upon agreement with the customer, but no longer than for one month. Ukrpatent informs the customer about the necessity of the term extension and states the grounds for such extension.

6. Costs paid for the service are due to refunding:
1) in full, in case of:
     a) payment was made for a service not on the List;
     b) payment was made for a service while no request was received by Ukrpatent;
     c) Ukrpatent’s refusal to receive a request according to point 3 of this Procedure;
     d) customer’s refusal to get the term of providing the service extended according to point 5 of this Procedure; 
2) in part, in case the amount of payment exceeded the one foreseen by the List; 
3) in other cases provided for by the legislation.

In case a customer refuses to receive the requested service, the costs paid for it are not refunded and the service is deemed to be provided.

Costs are refunded provided that a corresponding request for their refund is filed to Ukrpatent during three years from the day the costs were deposited to Ukrpatent’s check account, considering compensation of Ukrpatent’s expenses connected with their refunding. In the cases described in subparagraphs “c” and “d” of paragraph 1 of this point, costs are refunded without compensation of Ukrpatent’s costs for their refunding.

Costs recognized due to be refunded can, on customer’s request, be re-deposited by Ukrpatent to the account of another service found on the List, considering refunding of costs for re-depositing the said costs.

7. Services not mentioned in the List, are provided by Ukrpatent on contractual basis.

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